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Why Wear Lounge White This Summer?

White is the summer colour.

It reflects the sun and cools you down, it looks gorgeous against your summer glow and makes you feel fresh and classy in the sunshine.

It's your turn to have a white hot summer!

Some of us find wearing white daunting, right? If we feel a little paler than we might like, or we're worrying about how easy white is to stain, it becomes really easy to talk yourself out of wearing anything white. But guess what, white can be so flattering, especially white underwear.

Our White Bra is the perfect accompaniment to a sheer blouse for the ultimate sexy summer look in white underwear.

And don't forget that underneath your pretty white summer dress can only be white underwear. No one wants to show off their knickers while the sun shines through their skirt.

Wearing white in the hot season is anything but radical, yet remains a staple look. A trend that will always be in, and summer associated. No colour is more fresh or crisp than white, so when you wear the hue from head to toe, it results in an exceptionally stylish, high-impact look.

Enjoy your Lounge Whites all Summer long!