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Body Confidence Is Beautiful | Getting To Know Rebecca Penfold

Rebecca Penfold | 23 | Lingerie | Beauty | Body Confidence

Here at Lounge, we've been working with Rebecca for some time now and never fail to be inspired by her and what she stands for as an insta-famous fashion and beauty blogger.

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Here's something she wrote recently that inspired us as a brand and as individuals living in a day and age where image has become so important...

I used to feel uncomfortable looking at my reflection because i didn't think what i saw back was good enough. It has taken a lot of hard work to get to the place where I am mentally, now i'm more comfortable in my own skin that ever. It all starts with finding what you love about yourself and letting that feeling grow and grow (sounds cheesy but it works). 

So we had a little chat with the lovely Rebecca, to get to know her a little bit better and give you a bit of an insight into her world...

So, how did you get into the fashion blogging scene?

I kind of just fell into it. It started off as a hobby and a creative outlet as I’ve always enjoyed fashion and lingerie and posting the odd picture online here and there. Then at the beginning of the year I thought I’d make more of an effort with what I post and I also really wanted to promote a body confidence message too and things started to grow from there.

Lounge underwear | Comfortable underwear | Comfortable Bra Lounge underwear | Comfortable underwear | Comfortable Bra

What/who inspires you and your style?

My main inspirations in terms of body confidence are Iskra Lawrence, Ashley Graham, Georgina Horne, Gracie Francesca - I feel like these women are just killing it at the moment and really helping other girls to feel happy with their bodies and within themselves, which is so important. As for style, I feel like there are so many online influencers who inspire me, but I’ve always loved a mix of classic and feminine looking styles mixed with something sexy or edgey. 

You write in your instagram bio: Lingerie | Beauty | Body Confidence, and I have to say I personally and all of us at Lounge, are inspired by the beautiful body image and confidence you are actively promoting to young women - tell us more about what this means to you?

As someone who grew up being incredibly self conscious of their body, it felt important to me to do something to help women and girls not go through the feelings I felt about myself. Body confidence to me is simply feeling good and happy with yourself no matter what shape or size or imperfections we may or may not have. I used to let how I felt about my body dictate aspects of my life - from what I wore, to how I would carry myself, how I felt about my value as a person and if I can help anyone either avoid getting into that destructive headspace or find their way out of it then that’s exactly what I want to do!

Tell us 3 things your followers might not know about you?

1. I am little bit obsessed with anything true crime related. Podcasts, documentaries, TV shows - yes, yes, yes, give me them all. 

2. After working for a few years in office based jobs I decided to go back to university to study hair, make up and prosthetics for performance. 
3. If I could be any fictional character I would probably be Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was my hero growing up. Strong, witty as hell and with the ability to jump kick anyone in the head - what more could anyone want to be?

If your friends had to describe you in one sentence, what would they say?

I wasn’t sure about this question, I was thinking maybe “loyal and funny” so I asked my best friend who I’ve known since I was four to answer this. Her response was “a funny, talented and sophisticated superwoman” and I swear to god that I did not pay her to write that. She is of course is extremely biased and I did bake some cookies for her the other day so...

Rebecca's Lounge Review 

In short, I love Lounge. The sets are always so sexy and comfy, which is not something I thought I would find with lingerie - usually it’s either or. I couldn’t pick a favourite because I’ve loved everything I’ve tried and the quality has always been as good as it looks. I often wear my sets when I’m relaxing in the house or when I do yoga from home and want to feel as comfortable as possible. It’s nice to wear underwear that actually looks good when I’m lazing around for once.