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Say Hello to Lounge Underwear Pink

To the girls who love pink.

We salute you!
To the girly girls. The barbie lovers. The stick a flower in my hair and call me sweetheart kind of ladies.
The ones who love everything sweet and sugary with a touch of sass. 

We bring you Lounge Pink.

We love monochrome, but I'm guessing you already knew that!?
Black, White and Grey underwear have been our Lounge statement sets. The perfect start to the Lounge range, with a little bit of simplicity and a touch of class. But let's face it... every girl has a soft side and it is part of being a girl to love everything about pink.
Summer is quietly creeping out from the shadows and we thought it only fair to give our Lounge ladies a touch of girly-girl womanhood with our gorgeous new Lounge colour ready just in time for summer.
Pink Underwear | Pink bra | comfortable underwear

Lounge Pink

Our new smokey pink set is designed with all the same comfy fabrics, flattering lines and sexy cuts, but this time it reflects your inner Barbie doll. We teamed up pink with white for the ultimate chilled out summer look. The perfect underwear to pair with a sheer blouse and ripped jeans. This splash of colour is gorgeous on all skin tones and as always, comes with a choice of thong or brief.
Show off your girly side with a touch of pink to make the boys wink ;)
Eat your heart out.