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Fitting Lounge Underwear Into Your Morning Routine

On a relaxing weekend morning one of the best things you can do is to treat yourself to a little self loving and pamper yourself. There is nothing better than having a nice long lazy lie in in your Loungewear. And eventually when you do decide to roll yourself out of bed, the best thing you'll do all day is treat yourself to a scrub, moisturise and general all over makeover. It's what weekends are made for. But you haven't lived a weekend properly until you've done it in Lounge.

Megan Hulse has treated us to a secret look at her morning routine in her grey underwear set. So many top tips to keep your skin feeling and looking beautiful - and some you don't have to wait until the weekend. You can be speedy and pamper yourself every morning if you give yourself the time.



Waking up in your Lounge underwear is dreamy. And not only that, you can spend your whole morning lounging around in it whilst scrubbing down and moisturising, making your morning breakfast, watching a touch of TV and painting your nails... the joys of Lounge underwear is that you can hardly feel your wearing it. It really is just that comfortable.

Why spend your morning in Lounge?

The jersey fabric literally hugs your body, it's unlike any underwear you've worn before. Yes, you may think me bias - but honestly, Lounge is the underwear I pick out of my underwear draw every single day. I love my white bra with a passion, mix and matching it with my briefs or thong depending on my mood. Both of which are equally comfortable by the way.

Sometimes on a lazy morning in bed the last thing you want to do is put on clothes. The idea of taking off your comfies and putting on your bra and skinny jeans is like a living nightmare - but in Lounge it's a treat. Lounge underwear wraps itself around your body like a cuddle off your best mate, and it stays with you all day long. I find a lot of underwear can nag you throughout the day. You tug, tuck and pull it around, never quite feeling able to relax - and though you may not realise it, your underwear is bugging you all day long. Well it's about time you say goodbye to that! When you're wearing your Lounge set you won't even realise you're wearing it. It is designed with a soft blended banner that moulds to your shape and supports your figure. What more could any girl ask for.

A little Lounge secret ... The beauty of fake tanning in your Lounge White Bra ...

For a lot of us Saturday mornings involve a little touch up of our tan - no one wants to feel pasty as we're stepping into Spring. The white bra is beautifully crisp with its contrasting black banner - cleverly designed to make the white bra and fake tan unite as one.

A lot of us get into the habit of holding onto our favourite old white bra - that one that has stuck with your through it all. But somehow you hadn't realised how ugly it got. It is now falling apart, slightly bobbly and out of shape, with a slight hint of orange around the edges. Whoops! Guilty.

It's time to throw that old love away. The Lounge white bra is the perfect replacement. It will naturally enhance your shape and keep you feeling comfortable all day long. And what's great about it is you can feel confident that you can pop on a little hint of tan and not have to worry that you'll stain the trim of your underwear - the black binding is the perfect disguise. Sounds simply magical right!? You're so welcome, thank me later.

If you haven't done it yet, I challenge you to spend your whole weekend lounging around in Lounge. I mean it says it in the name and it just feels so good. #LOVETOLOUNGE


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