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Loungewear Is The New Daywear

Loungewear seems to have picked up momentum this season.

Trend-aware teens can roll their way onto the high-street in what looks like pyjamas but find themselves looking absolutely fabulous. Everyone who is everyone is seen walking around town in their favourite lounge outfit, that would normally be best kept for a Friday night in.

Fashion tells us we can relax and unwind in style for our night in - or out. Both works! We live in a fashion era that perfectly fits cosy and chic into the same sentence, with thanks to the current loungewear trend.

Imagine the most sumptuous fabrics and cuts so comfortable that, until now, you have sported them only on nights in with your girlfriends. Loungewear is suddenly okay – appreciated even – at places beyond the gym, lounge and bedroom. 

As the winter nights continue to draw in, the urge to curl up away from the world gets ever stronger. And yes, of course, you can do so in sheer bliss in your favourite Loungewear. Just add a mug of hot chocolate and a good Netflix series and let's be honest -  it couldn't get more perfect.

But for those nights you feel like something a little stronger, you can now do so in pure comfort. Grab your Lounge Underwear set and relax. Softer fabrics with bolder colors are in, with fits that flatter. Through the ages, image-conscious women have endured more than their fair share of pain in the name of fashion: painful stilettos, suffocating bodycons, high waisted leathers, the list goes on and on ... and on. We've done it all!

It is time that style setters have at long last been given a declaration for a season of comfort. Take your loungewear to work with you, to the gym with you, and even out for cocktails with you. Loungewear is the new daywear - enjoy!