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Lounging With

Natalie Roser


Lounge Size

34C or a Medium

Favourite Set

The Khaki Balcony!

Song that best describes Nat

Taylor Swift - Shake it Off!

I like that we all kind of have this kind of unspoken understanding about that time of the month. We’re like “Oh… yep… ok!” I LOVE that! That’s really cool - it’s like you could have that connection with a complete stranger and i think in saying that - i really like women’s generosity with sharing tampons and things. You know if a girl comes up to you and is like “Do you have a tampon” - you’re like - “Oh yeah babe yeah babe!!” I would find it really hard to find a woman that wouldn’t be willing to help another woman with that crisis!

I think I would tell myself just to listen to myself more. I was pretty afraid of my feelings and my thoughts… I didn’t have a lot of confidence. I didn’t think I was really smart enough to communicate my opinions - I didn’t have I guess the emotional intelligence to put out there what I was feeling. So I’d just say to myself just trust in what you feel and what you think.

To me being beautiful… I think it’s just about being a good person and respecting others. Thinking about when I look at my girlfriends and think “Ah! You are just so beautiful!” … it’s always because of something that they’ve done - not because of something that they’re wearing or something that they look like in a particular moment. It’s more about what they put out into the world.

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